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HeBei Institute of Microbiology

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Research Institute of Microbiology, Hebei Academy of Sciences is a synthetical research development organization concerning scientific research, manufacture and popularizing. Research Institute of Microbiology was established in 1972, which has three joint-share limited companies. Its fixed capital value is up to RMB 25million and it has an office building covered 5,000 square meter, one modern library and five producing lines. It has 105 workers including 74 scientific technicians and 44 persons have got t...
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Contact Us
Company: HeBei Institute of Microbiology
Contact: Mr. ji hong
Address: No.381,wusizhongRoad,BaoDing,P.R.China
Postcode: 071051
Tel: 86 312 2231891
Fax: 86 312 3037815
Homepage: http://


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Tel : 86 312 2231891 Fax : 86 312 3037815
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